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COVID-19, Part 10: Here Come the Jesters (Vaccines)

 "Here come the jesters, 1, 2, 3" -Bad Company (1979, from the song Rock and Roll Fantasy)

The COVID-19 vaccines are here.  Just this past week, Pfizer/BioNTech applied for Emergency Use Authorization ("EUA") to begin distribution of its COVID-19 Vaccine (BNT162b2).  Moderna is expected to submit its EUA application shortly thereafter for its vaccine (mRNA-1273).  Seven months ago on this very blog I predicted that one of the primary goals of the whole pandemic was for a good portion of the world's population to receive a new type of vaccination.  Looks like my prediction is coming true.  Here is what you need to know.

Short version:  NOT GOOD.  Would not recommend.

Long version: read on.

A couple of facts to set the stage for why I would never encourage anyone I care about to willingly take these vaccines.

FACT #1: The number of pharmaceutical products that have passed FDA licensure from Moderna: ZERO.  This company has been around for ten years with it's "high-tech" approach to medicine, but have yet not been able to get any of its products to pass the necessary requirements to be distributed to the public.  Yet, here we are with a warp-speed vaccine...hey it's 2020!  Why not?!?!?

FACT #2: Pfizer is the one of the most fraudulent companies...ever.  Which is saying something considering how fraudulent the pharmaceutical industry is across the board.  (Of course, it's nothing compared to the banking/financial frauds, but that's another topic for another day.)  Let's just say that Pfizer isn't known for being squeaky clean.

So now that we know the players involved with these vaccines which we will be pressured into taking, here are the up-to-the-minute facts on precisely what we know about these vaccines.

November 10: Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine is 90% effective (press release)

November 16: Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine is 94.5% effective (press release)

November 18: Please disregard Pfizer's previous press release as its COVID-19 vaccine is now 95% effective (press release)

Wow!  Unbelievable results from the vaccines developed faster than any vaccine ever in history...and for an illness that everyone keeps saying "no one understands."  Truly remarkable.  Now let's look behind the marketing and see what we are really looking at.

Both companies are using a misleading metric known as Relative Risk Reduction ("RRR") in coming up with their numbers (94.5% and 95%).  Did I say misleading?  Sorry, I was being generous.  RRR is worthless and only used for marketing purposes to make something that is bad sound good.  I would instead recommend that Actual (or Absolute) Risk Reduction ("ARR") be used.  Here is a short video which explains the difference.

Pfizer's vaccine which it claims is 95% effective (RRR) when using ARR drops to 0.75%...and yes that is ZERO POINT SEVEN FIVE PERCENT...less than 1%.  Hmmm, that doesn't sound so good.  Moderna's is even worse.  Moderna's RRR of 94.5% drops to a pathetic 0.57% when using ARR.  That's barely a hair over one-half of 1%.

How can a medical treatment that a pharmaceutical company claims is 95% effective really only be less than 1% effective?!?  As the most-famous Missourian Mark Twain is credited with saying in his autobiography: "There are lies, damn lies, and statistics."

Based upon the trial data that has been released to the public the benefit gained from the Pfizer vaccine is 0.75% and from the Moderna vaccine 0.57%.  Perhaps the best metric and most understandable for purposes of determining whether it makes sense to take the vaccine or not is the NNV which stands for Number Needed to Vaccinate.

The NNV = how many people must be vaccinated in order to protect ONE PERSON.  If the NNV is 1, that means that every single person who is vaccinated is protected.  That's perfect, but no vaccination has ever been that good.  If the NNV is 2, that means that 50% of the people who get the shot actually get protection.  Two people take the risks from the shot, but only one of those gets the protection.  Not the best, but not terrible...a 50/50 shot.  The best vaccinations usually fall somewhere in between an NNV of 1 and 2.

Here's where it gets crazy with these COVID vaccines...Pfizer's NNV is 133.  Moderna's is 175.  AstraZeneca's is 213.

Again, this is based solely on the limited information which has been released to this point (which will surely change over time as more data is released).  All of these numbers are horrible and should give any reasonable person enough information to reject these vaccines.  Pfizer's NNV of 133 means that 133 people would have to be vaccinated with a brand new controversial technology to protect ONE PERSON.  In other words, when you get the shot you are making yourself susceptible to the negative side effects associated with the introduction of these toxic chemicals into your body (which are designed to modify your immune system to produce new proteins) with the benefit of being 1 in 133 (0.75%) of actually being protected from the COVID-19 virus.  How effective is a vaccine when the NNV is 133...that's so embarrassingly pathetic that I am questioning why I even have to write a blog entry about it.  (For more about NNV (a/k/a NNT - Number Needed to Treat), please READ THIS.  This is the most important link to follow, so don't skip it as it does an excellent job of understanding these NNT numbers.)

My whole goal in writing this blog entry (this whole series, really) is to provide you with information you may not be otherwise getting.  I know many people believe that this (the vaccine) is going to be what saves us and brings us back to some semblance of normal.  It does nothing of the sort.  It truly does absolutely nothing.  NNV of 133 = nothing.  But as I have said from the very beginning of this blog series, this is about something else.  The vaccine is a very important part and now we are seeing this part of the play.  Like everything before it, the vaccine has nothing to do with health and safety and saving lives.  It's a part of a different agenda.  I don't want to be a part of that agenda.  That's why I began writing this series back in April (seven months ago).  I'm encouraging you to join with me in rejecting these measures done in the name of safety and science when they are far from that.  Please follow the real science that isn't influenced by money and power and other goals I can't even contemplate.

One other interesting statistic from the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine trials that is worth noting: 0 deaths.  Between the 70,000 participants in both trials, neither company has reported a single death from either group (0 have died who received the vaccine candidate and 0 have died who received the control placebo).  So based upon this interim data (from July 27 to now), both vaccines have ZERO effect on saving lives.  Now the most likely explanation for this is that the small timeframe (a shade under 4 months) has not allowed for anyone to get sick and die.  But when you consider how many people have supposedly died of COVID over the last four months, it is mind-boggling that in this group of 70,000 individuals, not a single one of them has died from something...anything (including the 35,000 who did not even get the vaccine, but the inert placebo).  Perhaps an equally likely explanation though is that all of the trial participants are "healthy with no comorbidities" as per the trial protocols and that these are the type of people who are not at risk of dying from COVID and are more likely to be asymptomatic when exposed to (and even infected with) the virus.  Either way, this makes any positive information from these trials as being dubious if there is no proof that lives will be saved.  I expect that there will be more information available over time which should answer some of these questions/concerns.

CONFLICT OF INTEREST STATEMENT:  I have no conflicts of interest.  I make no money for the views expressed in this blog nor incur any other benefit, except for this...I care.  My whole goal is providing good information to people I care about who might for whatever reason actually think I know what I'm talking about.  I am providing information for you to make an informed decision.  Pfizer and Moderna are multi-billion dollar businesses with the goal of reaping enormous profits from the current predicament and both have benefited from the mRNA technology which was first developed by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (funded by taxpayer dollars).  If that weren't enough, they have even been granted legal immunity.  If something goes wrong with their vaccines, they cannot even be sued or held accountable.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

COVID-19 Part 9: Walking Humbly in the Show-Me State

If you are just now stumbling upon this site, I encourage you to start at the beginning of this series to get the historical perspective that began months ago in the early COVID stages.  Please START HERE.  For those of you who have been following along, thank you.  Let's continue to trudge on and hope to uncover some truth.

I've lived almost a half-century in the state of Missouri.  Like all of the wonderful states across our nation, it is unique.  It happens to be a state that most people outside of Missouri know very little about, yet what they do know is interesting.  In my extensive travels around the world, when people find out I am from Missouri, I am astounded by how often people know the unofficial nickname of the state where I have lived almost my whole life.  "Missouri...huh...the Show-Me State, right?"

Yes.  Exactly.

Show-Me State?  What does that mean?  Well thank you for asking...I assure you it is nothing of a sexual nature (yes I assure you).  The story is that those who first settled in Missouri were a skeptical bunch and weren't going to take anyone's word for whatever outlandish story was being told.  For example, if someone said they just got back from fishing the Missouri River and caught ten gigantic blue catfish, the appropriate response was: "I don't believe it.  Show me!"

Put up or shut up.  Talk is cheap.  Actually, talk is nothing.  All you have to do is prove it.  SHOW ME.  That's the Missouri way.  Don't expect us Midwest hicks to believe your fancy words just 'cause you have lots of letters and periods behind your name.  You have to show us. us.  Whatchagot?

So I began this blog almost three months ago in hopes of engaging in quality dialogue which would elicit truth and enlightenment and I'm still waiting for someone to SHOW ME a better version of this elusive truth than the perspective that I have been sharing.  One of the pastors at my church here in flyover country has been consistent to engage me in conversation which has challenged me to consider my words.  He has shared books with me that I have read and found to be not only good reads, but also directly on point in the topic which has completely captivated the world as we grapple with this supposed pandemic.  I have appreciated this dialogue more than I can express and have also taken to heart the words of a sermon that he preached just a few weeks ago which I will sum up in two words.

"Walk humbly."

This is good advice which I hope to continue to take to heart.  Even though I have yet to get any evidence which shows that I might be wrong in my views, walking humbly is always the right path.  Not for one second will I think I am seeing with perfect vision and am 100% certain of my version of the truth.  I believe the better approach is to at all times channel my inner-Missourian and say "Show me" to those who challenge me AND TO MYSELF when I challenge others.  If I can't show them, then I might as well be from Kansas or Arkansas.

As I see it, walking humbly is about searching for truth while recognizing your own weakness.  As much as I would like to be able to shed my weakness, it persists and is with me always.  My weakness blinds me to the point where I don't even know when I am acting out of that very weakness.  Therefore, I must walk humbly.

As I see it, walking humbly means that it is within the realm of possibility that I am absolutely wrong about everything.  Now when a ("Show Me") Missourian walks humbly, it looks somewhat like this:
I might be wrong, but I'm probably not...unless you can convince me with overwhelming evidence which opens my blind eyes to see something I never believed possible.
As of this very moment, I'm more convinced than ever that I've been right all along about this pandemic.  Yet, I'm still open to listening to science that says otherwise.  Here is what I believe to be true today:
  1. COVID is not deadly (which I've been saying from the beginning).  The people that are dying are the same people that would have died regardless of whether COVID-19 ever existed.  In other words, COVID is a non-factor;
  2. More people are immune to COVID than any model ever considered.  (Please note there was science which said this was true from the beginning.  It's a cold...many of us have had a similar cold which made us immune this go-around.  We now know this is true.);
  3.  Do you realize that unless you live in New York or New Jersey, chances are that the overall deaths in your state are DOWN this year when compared to the last three years?  How can that be if there is a pandemic that is out-of-control?!?  Here in the Show-Me State, deaths are down 3-5% from normal...while violent crime deaths and automobile accident deaths are up.  For those of you in the Tar Heel State (where my extended family lives), overall deaths are down 28%!!!!!!  How can you explain that?  (No one ever does...they just give me a plithy reply about saving lives and the virus being real....which means nothing if people aren't really dying.)
  4. Sweden was right.  They reached herd immunity before anyone else.  They stood up against the world and had science on their side while everyone else was following silly models and scary media sources.  They are better off financially and they are WAY ahead on the public health side of things.  (Please note, Japan has not been getting near the press that Sweden has in this part of the world.  They too never locked down and COVID has been a relative non-factor there.)
  5. The lockdown has been a colossal mistake.  It is possible that more people have died from lockdown-related deaths than from COVID.  As for the financial considerations, this will most likely go down as the biggest governmental financial blunder of all time.  When you consider the hit to the economy and the billions invested in a worthless vaccine that will not be needed, it is truly embarrassing that we have these people making decisions for our country...such as...
  6. Anthony Fauci.  I believe him to be a fraud.  He has been wrong.  Not once...Not twice...but in EVERY public decision that he has participated in.  He has been a total disaster.  If you doubt this, please tell me just ONCE when he has been right about anything.  SHOW ME!  He tried to link COVID with Kawasaki Syndrome, where Rand Paul (who had the COVID virus) rightly stood up to his bullshit.  Fauci was wrong and has been effectively debunked on this issue.  Thanks to CCN, we now know why Fauci has been so wrong.  He is beholden to big-money interests and is taking orders from Bill Gates.  He is bad-mouthing known effective treatments, while stumping for expensive pharmaceuticals with horrible side-effects and questionable efficacy.  WHY IN THE WORLD IS ANYONE STILL LISTENING TO ANTHONY FAUCI????  Please show me.  This should be easy.  What one thing has he gotten right?  Just one.
Test All Things

So when the media and government began pushing the idea of "More testing!", I was initially resistant to it as I did not believe it was necessary.  I believe more testing is in order though, just a different type of testing.  I encourage you to vet your sources.  Many people stumbled across my blog early on and quickly decided that I was a blathering idiot with no medical training and clueless about infectious diseases with the effrontery of questioning the brilliant careers of people such as Neil Ferguson and Anthony Fauci.  For those of you still reading, please know this was precisely the reason why I started this blog.  What in the world is going on when the "world's best experts" are ignoring the science that was readily available to all of us?!?  Guess what...the good science has proven true.  Scientists such as John Ioannidis, Michael Levitt (both out of Stanford), Knut Wittkowski, and Hendrick Streek have tried to inform the world, yet YouTube and other social media outlets have removed their videos and tried to squelch their findings.  (Why would they do that?) 

It is imperative that your sources be true.  Reject those who have been wrong (unless they have owned up to it).  Embrace those who have been right.  TEST ALL THINGS.  This type of testing is important.  Whether or not you are a Missourian, make them SHOW YOU!


Walking humbly means that you are always considering the possibility that you are in error.  I will continue this approach.  I will also ask for evidence when someone makes a claim that seems contrary to the evidence I have observed.  That's the Missouri in me.  If it's true, surely you can show me.

I highly recommend the following link that argues that the herd immunity for COVID is way lower than anyone thought imaginable...less than 20%.  If true, it means the pandemic is over (which is how things are looking to me).  If it's wrong, then we should know that soon enough.

Friday, June 5, 2020

COVID-19 Part 8: Superspreaders and Vaccine Update

If you are just now stumbling upon this site and are wanting to start at the beginning of the COVID series, please BEGIN HERE.  For the rest of you (and those of you who get all tingly when it comes to Choose Your Own Adventure), read on.

Before I finish up this COVID series with Part Eight, I wanted to provide a supplemental post to discuss the choir practice which has been deemed to be a "super-spreader event" and the sole impetus behind the shuttering of churches along with an update on the development of a vaccine to combat COVID.

Choir Practice Case Study
When the Skagit Valley Chorale met for their March 10 practice, little did they know that this gathering would lead to doctors declaring that "churches could be the deadliest places in the COVID-19 pandemic."  The linked article written by Dr. Kevin Kavanagh makes the following statements:

  1. National leaders say the virus is 3 times as infectious as the flu, with an R0 of 4;
  2. 50% of people with the virus are asymptomatic carriers;
  3. The virus can survive in aerosol form (airborne) for 3 hours; and
  4. Everyone needs to be wearing a mask.

It is these very statements which have been repeated as science-based facts as the reasons for why gathering for church is just too risky ("deadly").  However, all four of those statements are WRONG!  Before I break it down for you, let's talk about what happened in Mount Vernon, Washington on that fateful night at the choir practice.

  • March 7: Singer Zero exhibits cold-like symptoms
  • March 10: Singer Zero attends choir practice with 60 other singers.  Everyone is asked to apply hand sanitizer upon arriving and refrain from any physical touch (handshakes, hugs, etc.).  61 singers practice singing for over two hours.
  • March 11-17: 52 of those 60 singers become sick.

32 of the 52 sick people are tested for the COVID virus.  All 32 are positive.  As a result, the other 20 are also presumed to be positive.  Three (3) of the singers, all of whom had "two or more underlying conditions" were hospitalized.  Two of those three ultimately died.  The deceased were both women (remember, with two or more underlying conditions) and they were 81 and 83 years old.  Both were said to die of "complications associated with COVID-19."

There are a few things which leap out at me when we compare the Skagit Valley Chorale ("SVC") numbers with other population groups that have been studied.  No other group has shown such a high rate of symptomatic infection as the SVC, all of which were virtually immediate upon being infected (assuming the infection occurred at the March 10 choir practice).  How do we reconcile such drastic differences in the numbers from this event as compared to what we now know of the characteristics of this virus/disease?  For example, let's compare the SVC infection numbers with the elderly passengers (ranging from age 70 to 99) on the Diamond Princess cruise ship ("DP"), the general Icelandic population ("ICE"), and the prison population (all males) of two Tennessee correctional facilities ("TENN").

Group Size
ICE:      9,199
TENN:  4,996
DP:       1,241
SVC:         61

Positive for COVID
SVC:     87%  (from a two hour choir practice)
TENN:  39%  (from living in close quarters 24/7)
DP:        23%  (living in close quarters on a 15 day cruise)
ICE:       13%  (spread out across the small island nation of Iceland)

% of Positives that Exhibited Symptoms
SVC:   100%
ICE:      57%
DP:       43%
TENN:    2%

While the numbers for these four population groups are all over the place, the SVC numbers stand out as an outlier on both the high percentage of positives within the group and the high percentage of those positives that also exhibited symptoms and lend credence to the idea that some infected individuals are "super spreaders."  There are just a few instances worldwide where an individual is believed to be a super-spreader, with the majority opinion being that it is not the infected individual as much as it is the environmental setting which causes so many to be infected by a single person in a short period of time, even when practicing social distancing.  (Please note that all of those SVC people who were positive went home and were in close proximity to their immediate families, yet no further transmission of the virus occurred beyond the SVC group.  Puzzling, huh?)

Super-spreading and R0
The infection rate of COVID ("R0") is now believed to be in the 2 to 2.5 range.  But this R0 figure is misleading due to the dispersion factor ("k") -- the surprisingly small percentage of infected people who actually do pass the virus on to others.  The most recent research shows the k to be 0.1 (10%) -- a complicated expression which means that 10% of infected people are responsible for 80% of future transmissions of the virus, with the remaining 20% of transmissions coming from everyone else (90%).  I consider this to be extremely enlightening.  The critically important takeaway from this is most people infected with the COVID virus DO NOT PASS IT ON.

On the other hand, the super-spreads appear to happen when one of those shedding individuals is put into certain settings.  The argument that has been put forth regarding the SVC choir practice is that singing near someone is the equivalent of coughing and sneezing directly on someone, thereby allowing for virus transmission through droplets within a range of up to 20 feet.  Even if that were true, that still doesn't explain the high infection rate with 100% of those positive cases leading to symptoms in the SVC.

As a result of the SVC outbreak along with a similar outbreak that occurred among members of the Amsterdam Mixed Choir shortly after a March 8 performance where 102 of 130 members were deemed to be positive for COVID (78%), Professor Christian Kähler of Military University (Munich, Germany) conducted a number of experiments to determine just how dangerous singing was and how far airborne aerosols and droplets were expelled.  This is what he found:
"Singing is quite safe.  It was not the cause of the outbreaks of COVID-19 at these concerts.  Air was only propelled about half a meter in front of a singer, and that is not far enough to cause the infection levels of these outbreaks."
Professor Adam Finn of Bristol University (Bristol, England) added:
"The evidence for a link with singing and spreading the virus may look compelling but is still anecdotal."
There are indications that 50% of the worldwide population is immune to COVID from T cell production as the result of having a previous illness (cold, flu, etc.) which now provides "cross-reactive" protection from COVID.  If this is true, then half of the people who are exposed to the virus will not get matter the setting and no matter who they come in contact with.  The other group infection rates support this idea, while the SVC does not (which could be explained by the small sample size of the group).

If the SVC numbers are reliable, then the only conclusion that makes any empirical sense is that what happened at that choir practice was a very rare event, one that has only been similarly replicated on a couple of occasions during this pandemic (e.g., 54 positive cases thought to be transmitted from one individual who went bar hopping on the night of April 30 in Seoul, South Korea).  Yet this "aligning of the planets" event has had far-reaching effects as churches have been targeted as being the most lethal environments due to this one instance, with no other scientific basis to support this idea especially when we consider that the two ladies from the SVC who perished were an average age of 82 (older than the average life expectancy of a female in the U.S.) with two or more underlying medical conditions.  Both would certainly fall in the "vulnerable" category.

Let's go back to the "church is a deadly place" article from Dr. Kavanagh and review his reasoning for making such an assertion.

Statement #1: "National leaders say COVID is 3 times as infectious as the flu, with an R0 of 4"

As explained above with a supporting link, the true R0 of COVID is somewhere between 2 and 2.5 with the majority of infected carriers never passing the infection on due to the extremely low k of 0.1.  Statement #1 is not accurate.

Statement #2: "50% of people with the virus are asymptomatic carriers"

There is no scientific basis in this statement as the evidence points to asymptomatic people NOT infecting others.  It is very true that a majority of the people who are infected with the virus are asymptomatic.  However, there is no evidence that those people are infecting others.  Statement #2 is not accurate.

Statement #3: "The virus can survive in aerosol form for 3 hours"

This has actually been shown to be true...but only in a lab under tightly-controlled conditions when trying to get that very result.  Otherwise, there is no evidence of this being the case and has been shown not to be the case by Kähler's research specifically with singing.  To further support this idea, we can look to what I consider to be the most surprising experiment that was carried out during the Spanish Flu Pandemic over one hundred years ago on Gallops Island in Boston Harbor.
The experiment began with 100 volunteers from the Navy who had no history of influenza.  Rosenau was the first to report on the experiments conducted at Gallops Island in November and December 1918.  His first volunteers received first one strain and then several strains of Pfeiffer's bacillus by spray and swab into their noses and throats and then into their eyes.  When that procedure failed to produce disease, others were inoculated with mixtures of other organisms isolated from the throats and noses of influenza patients.  Next, some volunteers received injections of blood from influenza patients.  Finally, 13 of the volunteers were taken into an influenza ward and exposed to 10 influenza patients each.  Each volunteer was to shake hands with each patient, to talk with him at close range, and to permit him to cough directly into his face.  None of the volunteers in these experiments developed influenza . . . "We entered the outbreak with a notion that we knew the cause of the disease, and were quite sure we knew how it was transmitted from person to person.  Perhaps, if we have learned anything, it is that we are not quite sure what we know about the disease."
Milton Rosenau "Experiments to determine mode of spread of influenza" Journal of the American Medical Association, 1919 (pages 311-313).  Professor Kähler reached similar findings with his COVID study.  Statement #3 is not accurate.

Statement #4: "Everyone needs to be wearing a mask"

The WHO is now back to saying that healthy people should not be wearing masks.  Obviously, there are plenty of differing opinions on the need for masks to be worn by people who are not coughing and sneezing.  Statement #4 is questionable.

If the four reasons for declaring churches as being risky are shown not to be the case by the best scientific evidence available, then the conclusion completely falls apart and is rendered worthless.

Are you willing to believe that the COVID scare has been overblown?  If the original numbers were off by a factor of 20 (as this recent study claims), then isn't the appropriate response to ratchet down all fears and beliefs by that factor in determining just what behaviors are truly risky now?  When a highly unlikely event occurs that science attributes to other factors that cause a small percentage of deaths in the vulnerable population, the chances of a similar event occurring among a non-vulnerable group is so small that it approaches 0%.  Therefore, I submit it is more likely that a person willing to go to church has a greater chance of dying by slipping in the shower that morning than he does of getting infected at church and subsequently dying from that infection.  Why are we continuing to act as if everyone is infected and everyone else is vulnerable?  

Please let common sense prevail.  Please adjust your thinking.  If you consider yourself vulnerable, do what you must to stay safe.  For everyone else, there is nothing to be afraid of.  Carry on.

COVID Vaccine Update
Vaccines have become the hoped-for savior during this season of fear.  But why?  The virus is dying out.  Even when it was spreading, it was no more deadly than the flu (0.26%).  The plan all along (as I have been desperately trying to communicate in this series) is to force an ill-conceived vaccine upon all of mankind despite there being no valid reason for doing so.  Interestingly enough, the two vaccines which have been getting the most press here in the U.S. are the Moderna mRNA-1273 vaccine and the Oxford Vaccine Group ChAdOx1 vaccine, both of which have received substantial investments from Bill Gates (which is no doubt why the U.S. media has focused on these two more than the other 100 vaccines currently in development).

Moderna mRNA-1273
The Moderna vaccine has skipped some of the normal steps that vaccines normally take in its rush to be the winning vaccine.  The most concerning aspect of this is that Moderna decided to not even test the vaccine in animals but go straight to human trials.  Phase I commenced by injecting 45 people with varying doses of the vaccine to test for both efficacy and safety.  While the full results have not yet been released, what has been leaked is not encouraging.  To make matters worse, the media has not been honest in its reporting.  Please read Ian Haydon's experience as one of the volunteers to participate in the Moderna Phase I trial (small number of young healthy individuals).  Now watch the first few minutes of CNN's interview with him about that very experience.  Do you consider this interview to provide an accurate accounting of what happened to Haydon?  I certainly do not.  This is another example of a media outlet presenting "news" in a fashion that best suits its financial interests and is overall deceptive.  (Please read this short article regarding CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta.)

As for the puzzling results which were released from Moderna, 8 of the 30 participants developed the neutralizing antibodies which was "seen as encouraging."  However, if 30 participants were injected, wouldn't you expect an effective vaccine to work in all 30 of them?  Vaccine experts are skeptical of this release of information.  Nevertheless, Moderna is plowing ahead with Phase II of their trial and is even gearing up for Phase III in early July with the hope of having the vaccine ready to go by January.

Oxford Vaccine Group ChAdOx1
Oxford's vaccine is off to a rough start as it was not effective in protecting monkeys from getting infected with COVID and passing it on to others.  But not to worry, Oxford is moving forward to human trials despite the vaccine not showing any benefit in the animal trials.  I obviously don't know anything about producing vaccines as I would think an early test result such as this one would warrant going "back to the drawing board."  I guess when the stakes are as high as they are, you press on no matter what.  (Remember, the "stakes" are about money, not the health of the world.)

I have another question for Oxford as they roll out their Phase I human trial.  Why are they not using a true placebo to test efficacy and safety as they administer this vaccine to human volunteers?  Typically, when testing a vaccine there is a "control group" used to compare results with the group who gets the vaccine.  For instance, let's say 200 people are given shots in their arm.  One hundred are given the vaccine while the other one hundred are given a placebo (such as saline solution).  The participants are not told whether they were given the actual vaccine or the saline solution.  This allows for the administrators to best study the effects of the vaccine between the two groups.  However, Oxford is not giving a placebo, but is instead injecting the control group with a meningitis vaccine (MenACWY).  This subtle sleight of hand almost certainly guarantees that the ChAdOx1 vaccine when compared to the control group will appear safer than it otherwise would, as the MenACWY vaccine will most certainly also have some negative side effects that appear in the control group.  Therefore, Oxford can say that their vaccine is relatively safe as both groups exhibited negative symptoms, but since they were given different vaccines, then those negative effects must have been from some other environmental factor which affected the trial participants.

In a last bit of irony, Oxford is moving its next trial phase to Brazil because COVID is disappearing from England.  Why do we need this vaccine again?

Recommended Reading:
(1) Why is the U.S. giving billions of dollars to very profitable drug companies to maybe come up with a vaccine that we don't need?  (2 minutes)
(2) New York Lawyers Want Vaccine to be Mandatory  (1 minute)

Go to Part 9: Walking Humbly in the Show-Me State

Monday, May 25, 2020

COVID-19 Part 7: Better Safe, than Sorry

This was the hardest segment for me to write as I believe we have reached our saturation point and are sick and tired of talking and reading about COVID.  Please hang in there as I do believe there are some helpful insights in these last two posts.

A quick review of this COVID-19 series:
  • Part 1 was about questioning what we have been told by the government and media as to the virus outbreak and the justification for the drastic measures that have been taken;
  • In Part 2, I shared the actual numbers which showed that the scare tactics used by the media are not warranted as the death rate of COVID is very low (typical flu season);
  • Part 3 was about the "experts" and who has been trustworthy thus far as there has been lots of information, disinformation, conspiracy theories and the like which have made this ordeal confusing;
  • Part 4 was about all of the coincidences surrounding Bill Gates and his charitable foundation and how he has been involved in all phases of the COVID response.  I believe his motives should be questioned.  Please note I have made some recent updates to the timeline by adding in some interesting tidbits about Anthony Fauci that occurred back in 2017;
  • Part 5 was a hindsight reflection at how the narrative has changed from flattening the curve to whatever it is now, thereby raising doubt as to whether the original purpose as stated was sincere, especially now that there is more data and it's nothing that should cause alarm;
  • In Part 6, I explored everyone's favorite solution to the problem . . . vaccines.  Are they safe?  Do they work?  Is it possible that the flu shot is part of the problem?  (I consider this to be the most important installment in the whole series.)
Summary of Controversial Ideas:
1) COVID is not a deadly disease that warrants mass hysteria and social and economic upheaval;
2) Bill Gates is engineering everything (media and government) about the response to the outbreak;
3) Vaccines are not the solution.  They might be the problem.

Responding to the Critics
I would like to offer a response to some of the common critiques.  First of all, I haven't received enough!  I was hoping to be challenged more than I have to this point.  I worry that this blog might be another echo chamber ("preaching to the choir") just confirming the bias of those who are still reading.  I am thrilled when someone comments, texts, or emails with a criticism (all of which have been constructive to this point).
  1. "You're way too cavalier regarding a medical condition you know nothing about."  This is a valid criticism as I know I have come across somewhat foolhardy in my approach to an illness that has claimed a number of lives around the world.  I'm not a medical expert.  In fact, I'm not even close.  (I've been assuming that people who are reading this are well aware of my credentials in the area of infectious diseases.)  But at what point will people start to see the truth?  That truth (which I believe is truer now than it was when I started this series over a month ago) is that we are being deceived.  This overt deception is precisely the reason why I started writing about this topic.  I'm not a confrontational person (at least, as far as I wife might say differently).  I could have done the easy thing and just stayed quiet rather than risk whatever good reputation I might have by taking a controversial stand on a very delicate issue.  What we are being told is simply not true.  I'm not wanting anyone to die.  If you know me personally, surely you know that.  I'm not encouraging people to play marbles on I-70 just because playing marbles is fun.  I'm trying to figure out why I seem to know more about this virus than the experts that the whole world is following.  That simply DOES NOT COMPUTE.  When I start making more medical sense than the world's best doctors it can only mean two things: (1) The world's best doctors are NOT the world's best doctors; and/or (2) The world's best doctors are lying.  Regardless of which one of those is true, the take-away is simply this: when someone is so horribly wrong about a subject in which they are supposed to be the world's best expert, they are over...sayonara.  If I may commandeer an expression that seems appropriate: "The higher you climb, the harder you fall."  This extends to the media who continues to use these same experts as if their opinions are still relevant.  When something is wrong, it is wrong.  It should be ignored.  No, let me should be noted and then questioned for why it is wrong.  That might reveal a crucial clue.  PLEASE REMEMBER: even after Neil Ferguson and his models were totally discredited, there were people and media who were still trying to argue that he was right.  Neil Ferguson went from being a hero who "saved tens of thousands of lives" to being a national disgrace in the span of ten days.  He fell hard.  (Just in case you have forgotten, I called Ferguson out two weeks earlier in this very blog.)  All I'm doing is looking at the data and sharing it with everyone I know.  For it is the data that is impervious to an agenda, political partisanship, financial gain, social shame, and all the other trappings that thwart us mere mortals.  The data does not lie.  It is cold.  It does not care.  But I will continue to argue that it is that cold, hard data which should be the foundation for which we base all of our beliefs.  (For any grammar nazis out there who might be cringing, I like using "data" in its singular form which is perfectly with it.)  The data is pure and it is what this whole blog series is about.  I am reckless with COVID because the COVID data is not scary.  Every scientific study done on this virus shows it to be exactly what we know it to be...a coronavirus.  Until four months ago, every coronavirus that has ever been unleashed on the human race has been called by a different name.  Those of us who speak English have always called it a "cold."  (Are you worried about a cold killing you?  Are you worried about standing within six feet of someone due to a cold?  Are you worried about whether or not every other human being that you see in public is wearing a mask because of a cold?)  It was only this year that a coronavirus became a killer.  It brought the whole world to its knees.  It threatened the very existence of humanity (exactly like Bill Gates said it would!).  And now here we are...playing Russian Roulette every time we step foot outside of our house.  Friends, Romans, Countrymen...that is absurd!  I speak in hyperbole because what we have been told is so far from the truth it is hard for me not to respond in kind.  I just ask of you this one simple kindness...please remember what I have been saying.  If I prove to be a fraud, then we are all the wiser.  If I continue to speak the truth, then keep listening.  I haven't even broached the very real aspect of collateral deaths that have occurred BECAUSE of the COVID lock-down.  I desperately want to discover the truth and want everyone else to see it as well.  I have no other motive.  I want what you want.  Please know that I really do care about you.  Bill Gates does not.
  2. "You're wrong about Bill Gates.  Bill Gates doesn't care about making more money.  He's got more than he could spend in a lifetime."  I keep hearing this one.  It makes sense.  It makes complete sense to 99.9999% of us, but it's also naive and does not apply to the ultra-rich.  My bet is that if Bill Gates heard you say that he would look at you as if you were speaking Bocce.  I happen to work with very successful people and one of the things I have learned from those people is that no matter how much money a person has, he or she is never financially secure.  In fact, it's actually a outright paradox.  You can quote me on this (but I'm sure it's been said before): the more money a person has, the more that person worries about money.  Logic would say that at some point financial worry should subside.  But what is that threshold?  What is the elusive figure that will somehow make all the worries of a wealthy person dissipate?  One million dollars?  Five million dollars?  Ten?  Fifty?  Surely FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS would be enough!  (Try to wrap your mind around this...Bill Gates has so much money that you would have to earn Fifty Million Dollars a year for over two thousand years just to earn what he has socked away for a rainy day.  That doesn't even count what he has "given away" into his not-so-charitable foundation which I have referred to throughout this blog series, as that would take another one thousand years making Fifty Million a year.  One more mind-blowing stat...Gates makes $11 Million EVERY SINGLE DAY which is how he can afford to pay CNN to give him so much airtime spreading his ridiculous agenda.)  John D. Rockefeller was the world's first billionaire.  Yet, he never had enough.  There are plenty of parallels to make between Rockefeller and our modern day Gates.  What should be noted is that if you follow the link I just provided you will see that Gates had no charitable inclinations back in 1998 at the time that article was written, yet is now only referring to himself as a philanthropist and vaccine expert.  People like Gates don't just stop in their lust for more.  The very drive that got them to where they are unfortunately cannot be turned off.  (I do believe people can change, but I also am a native Missourian which means you have to show me.)  Speaking of the Show-Me State, I live in a mid-sized town that has a notable billionaire.  That billionaire owns the Los Angeles Rams (Value: $3.5 Billion).  He owns the Arsenal Football Club (Value: $1 Billion).  And those are just a few of his side projects.  My younger sister grew up spending time with this billionaire as she was good friends with his daughter.  That man was wealthy back then and he is even wealthier now.  Yet, he will not stop.  He is ruthless in his business dealings as exemplified in moving the Rams from St. Louis back to California and all of the drama that has surrounded that, which culminated in the Rams appearing in Super Bowl LIII.  At no point will someone like Bill Gates have enough, which is precisely why he seems especially excited about developing a vaccine that the whole world will have to buy. 
  3. "You're spreading conspiracy theories."  Oh?  What conspiracy theories would those be?  I have been extremely diligent in providing links to reputable sources in every post of this series so as to avoid this very accusation...yet they persist.  Please note that anything that appears in this blog that is in a different font color (underlined if you hover over it) is a link to support the point that is being made.  If you have any doubt about any statement that I make, please follow the supporting link.  If for whatever reason I have not provided a link, then do not hesitate to contact me and I will be delighted to supply the proof of any and all claims.  (I certainly don't expect everyone to read every link that is provided as that would actually take a little bit of time.  I provide the links to enlighten those who are inquisitive and to appease those who doubt.)  I am seeking truth.  I am sharing data...the actual evidence as best as we know it at any given time.  Conspiracy theories?!?  Please!  If you want to know about conspiracy theories, I would be happy to point you in that direction as I am well aware of some wild ones.  I realize that in the course of writing on this subject, I have asked some rhetorical questions in order to poke at the ever-changing narrative (e.g., "Flatten the Curve" went to "Save Lives" and now we are on to "Want to Contain the Spread"), but I don't believe that amounts to propagating conspiracy theories.  I do think we should start asking some pointed questions though.  I intend to get to those.
COVID Science Update
There are three recent studies which are worth mentioning as they provide a better understanding of what we are dealing with.  If you don't care about diving into more data, you might want to skip ahead to the next section.
  1. Iceland (April 14): The Iceland study is perhaps the most fascinating study done to date.  All of the positive cases were genetically sequenced to determine who infected whom so as to chart how the virus spread.  This study revealed that there were 409 mutated strains of the virus represented in the positive cases, with 291 of those being unique to Iceland (i.e., a downstream mutation of the virus after it was brought to the small island nation).  A mutating virus is normal and usually a good sign.  The reason I mention this study and its ability to track how the virus was passed was that there were no cases of the virus being passed FROM a child.  While there could be a number of different reasons for why this is the case, it is an encouraging development which merits further study especially when addressing what school is going to look like in the fall.
  2. Tennessee Prisons (May 1): All of the inmates at Trousdale Turner Correctional Center (Hartsville) and Bledsoe County Correctional Complex (Pikeville) have been tested for the virus.  A total of 4,996 inmates and staff were tested revealing that 1,925 of them were positive (39%).  Of those positives, there have been four deaths (all with "underlying medical conditions" and no specific cause of death has yet been determined), with 98% of the positives being asymptomatic.  I guess if you get infected with this virus, it's better to be in prison than in a nursing home.
  3. Major League Baseball (May 11): Now for some not-so-good news: In my opinion, Stanford University has been doing outstanding work on studying the virus and providing useful findings showing COVID to not be deadly and certainly not worthy of shutting down the economy.  If only the government and media were giving equal time to what these experts have been saying as opposed to Bill Gates and Neil Ferguson.  This recent study (which has yet to be published) found something surprising in that once you get outside of the densely populated metropolitan areas here in the U.S., the infection rate of the virus has been much, much lower.  I consider this a bad thing as I had hoped that since New York, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, and Miami showed that the virus had spread more than previously thought, it meant that many of us had already been infected and gained the precious antibodies which provide immunity.  However, the Major League Baseball study found that less than 1% of the 5,600 people tested had previously been infected and had the antibodies specific to the virus associated with COVID.  One of the other conclusions made from this study was that people of higher socioeconomic status are less likely to have been infected at this point compared to people lower down that spectrum.
As I provide my concluding remarks on being better safe than sorry, I will do my best to assimilate the data from these three studies along with the other things we have been learning along the way to provide what I hope is a helpful path to a confident, fear-free future dealing with this virus and any others that come in its wake.

Unmasking the Mask
I really don't like wearing a mask.  I have numerous reasons for why I don't think one should be worn.  As I have stated ad nauseum in this series, I am not afraid of COVID.  Also, I am not sick.  Of course, other people don't know that.  They see me walking around Wal-Mart and see me as a rude, insensitive, asymptomatic carrier of the virus that will kill everyone.  The WHO says healthy people should not wear masks, also confirmed by this convincing article.  The New York Times says everyone should wear one.  I'm so confused.  Recent studies show that it is unlikely to get infected by an asymptomatic carrier.  If I'm not sick and not worried about catching someone else's cold, what sense does it make?

Well, it doesn't.  But nothing about the COVID crisis makes sense.  And this might be an area where I have to suck it up and do something that I am morally opposed to solely to make others feel more comfortable....even though I think they are wrong and I don't exactly want to encourage and reinforce that wrongness.  Perhaps I have found a compromise that will allow me to sleep at night and still let people know how I feel about the situation...

I don't know.  That seems to somewhat defeat the purpose.  I really want to be gracious.  I want to rise above the rhetoric and the emotion and meet people where they are (good grief, now I sound condescending).  Let's face it...I'm an asshole no matter what I do.  (Perhaps the truest thing I've said in this whole blog series right there folks!)

A Book of Prophecy

This past week, I stumbled across a book that was published in December titled The Psychology of Pandemics.  The author of this book is an expert in "cognitive-behavioral treatments and mechanisms of anxiety disorders and related conditions, as well as the behavioral-genetics of these disorders" according to his bio.  What should be noted about this book (along with the timing of its release) is this sentence in its Amazon description: "Psychological factors are important for understanding and managing societal problems associated with pandemics, such as the spreading of excessive fear, stigmatization, and xenophobia that occur when people are threatened with infection."  While you would expect a book like this to offer suggestions as to how to calm fears and allow for rational thought to rule the day, this book instead is about "managing" anxiety to influence the populace to adhere to social distancing programs and mass vaccinations.  Much time is also given to emerging conspiracy theories and how those should be handled (debate, censorship, ignore, etc.) as the pandemic takes hold in the public's consciousness.  It accurately details precisely the events that we have been a part of these last three months.  I bring this book up because I believe it has been used as the media's manual on how to report on all matters that related to COVID, as the media has promoted fear at every opportunity.  A follow-up article was done in which the author attempts to explain how prophetically accurate his book was.  Here is another article where the author opines that things will never return to "normal" due to people's fear of future pandemics (or second, third, and fourth waves).

Better Safe, than Sorry
Facts are important.  They mean something.  They provide stability in a world that is shaking.  Facts help us understand and bring clarity to the confusion that would otherwise keep us in a perpetual quagmire from the onslaught of purposeful misdirection and the dissemination of outright, fraudulent lies.  Facts point us in the right direction when we don't know where to go.  When we don't know what we are doing, prudence demands that we exercise caution, staying alert, ready to change direction at a moment's notice.

Four months ago, we heard that there was a virus that appeared to be killing people at a higher rate than normal in China.  Three months ago, we were told it was going to be coming to the U.S.and that it was going to be a problem.  At this point, we only knew what we had been told from the usual channels (news media).  Two months ago, life turned upside down.  While many of us did not like the drastic measures that were taken, it was the safe choice to comply as none of us have ever experienced a pandemic.  What did we have to lose?  OUR LIVES!?!  Might as well make the necessary sacrifices to protect ourselves and those we love from the killer virus.

Two months later, it has become apparent that it was not necessary for our lives to have been turned upside down as they have been.  Actually, this has been a colossal mistake.  As much as we would like to think we have learned some lessons and are living in the modern age of science and amazing technology, the last couple of months have proven that we are still living in the dark ages in that those who wield true power are still dictating the policy that governs the lives of everyone else.  Never mind that we have a Constitution.  Never mind that we have a Bill of Rights.  We are now seeing just how important those things are when the power brokers proclaim that there is an emergency that warrants that they decide what is best for everyone (even when the scientific data says otherwise).  The "land of the free and home of the brave" sure sounded nice when we believed that to be true, but now we know better.

While the virus does prove problematic to some people, I have some doubts about how the virus has been portrayed, how it has been treated medically, and the overall hysteria which has ensued.  I would argue that we now know what we are dealing with and it is NOT a killer virus.  COVID is not a killer.  My overall agenda (and yes, I do have an agenda) is to make sure that everyone who would be willing to read my words and join with me on this journey to the truth would come to agree with me on this important fact.  I believe that the media has been lying, greatly exaggerating things to best serve an interest that does not align with ours.  While I don't know what that underlying motive is, I sincerely believe that the rulers of this world have a desire to instill fear in the citizens of Planet Earth that there is an invisible thing out there that is wanting to snuff the life out of our bodies.  We are being taken advantage of and being raped of the very rights we have known our whole existence.

Safe is Better
There are ways to defeat COVID.  My preferred method is through herd immunity, as I believe it offers the greatest protection for the greatest number of people.  Herd immunity is the idea that as a greater percentage of the population becomes immune to a disease, then the disease has fewer people to infect and dies out.  It is a natural immunity that protects the vulnerable even better than an unproven vaccine can (as I will attempt to explain).  Herd immunity allows for the young and/or healthy to actually get infected, while those who are vulnerable can keep doing what they have been doing (social distancing).  This approach does not kill the economy.  It does not infringe upon rights.  It allows for everyone to do what they feel comfortable doing while building an airtight blockade against the virus by reducing the infection opportunities to as close to zero as possible.

This is why I don't want to wear a mask.  I actually WANT to get infected.  If I do actually get infected, I will wear a mask because I understand that other people think differently from me and do not want to confront this virus like I do.

Other safe measures would be (1) supplementing your diet with Vitamins C and D along with zinc, (2) drinking more water (an ounce for every pound of body weight every day), as these vitamins and minerals along with proper hydration strengthen your immune system which plays a key role in defeating COVID and building a lifetime immunity not just against this coronavirus, but also against others like it.  As I have previously pointed out, natural immunity is a powerful thing in that it provides broader heterologous immunity.  You may already be immune to COVID because of a previous cold that you had which gave you some pretty amazing antibodies that made you forever immune to that particular coronavirus and even to others (such as this one).  Yes, there is science which supports this concept!

There are some helpful conclusions that I believe we can draw from the three studies mentioned above:
  1. Most of us have not yet been infected with the virus that leads to COVID (Baseball);
  2. If we do get infected, most of us will not even know it because we won't even get sick (Tennessee); and
  3. Children get infected, but are not likely to pass it on (Iceland).
Why settle for Sorry when you could have been Safe?
Sorry is putting your hope in a vaccine that will be more dangerous than the disease it is intended to cure.  Sorry is living in a constant state of fear when it is unwarranted (which is also dangerous and counterproductive to your health).  Sorry is trusting lies from strangers when your friends were telling you the truth.  Sorry is believing that "staying home" really is "saving lives" when it is actually doing the very opposite.

The marketing campaign is simple that it could never have been dreamed up on Madison Avenue...around a table with all of America's greatest marketing minds bouncing ideas off each other...with a budget so big it would make you sicker than COVID ever could.  Yet so powerful that you, and everyone you know and love, believed it to be more true than anything else you have ever believed before.  Please consider that.  How did that simple little slogan sway you to brush aside all of the other reports you heard about collateral deaths, unemployment ramifications, suicide, domestic abuse, child abuse, etc.?  "Stay home.  Save lives."

I don't say these things to cast blame or to shame you.  On the contrary, I write these things because I respect you and want to shake you and wake you up from this bad dream you are having.  I want the nightmare to end and give you that wonderful feeling when you realize ("oh, it was just a dream") when there is good news that you can go back to doing what you were created to do.  Do not let fear be the ultimate controller of your destiny.  When fear is the primary source of your motivation, I would argue that you are not living your best life.

In my last post I pointed out that there appears to be a correlation between the flu shot and COVID deaths.  Someone else has noticed this as well.  While this will probably go against the advice of your doctor, I recommend that you refrain from getting a flu shot this year as I expect that it will play a part in whatever "second wave" comes.  Unfortunately, nursing home residents are sitting ducks.  It is interesting to note that the CDC is doubling down by recommending that EVERYONE get a flu shot this year, while some doctors are questioning this advice.  PLEASE READ THIS as I find it compelling as it relates to one doctor's experience with the flu shot.

Update on the COVID Vaccines
  1. Moderna's mRNA-1273 vaccine recently reported a successful Phase I last week and two of the top executives in the company sold off a huge chunk of their shares, only for the stock price to then drop the very next day as the results of Phase I were looked at from vaccine experts who questioned why most of the data was hidden.  To make matters worse, Moderna made a stock offering to the public on the day it released the positive news only for the stock to fall after it had sold its shares.  Some stock experts are suggesting that some SEC violations may have occurred that warrant an investigation.  As of right now, Moderna has never brought a vaccine to market.  If this makes it to market, not only will this be Moderna's first ever successful vaccine, it will also be the first ever vaccine using mRNA technology.
  2. The Oxford Vaccine Group is one of the other front runners in this race with their "Chaddox One" vaccine.  The information available as to the success of its Phase I is a bit challenging to decipher as there are positive reports as well as negative reports.  Overall, all of the monkeys that were given the vaccine were as susceptible to getting the virus as those monkeys that were not vaccinated.  The only positive was that the monkeys that were vaccinated appeared to get less sick, but they were still infected and were able to shed that infection on to others.  Despite these concerns, the Oxford vaccine is proceeding and is now being tested on "healthy humans."  As I know nothing about this process, it would seem to me that the results of the animal trials are a deal-breaker right from the outset, yet this vaccine is steaming right along and now heading to Phase II and III.  However, the Oxford group is now expressing concern that the virus is disappearing.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  They are concerned.  "We're in the bizarre position of wanting COVID to stay."  The only way someone could say this and express concern about COVID disappearing is that the vaccine is NOT ABOUT protecting health.  This is what I've been trying to communicate all along.
  3. The University of Pittsburgh has been working on a vaccine which has showed some promise.  I only mention this particular vaccine as there was a researcher there at the university who was said to have died in a weird murder-suicide due to "a personal matter."  This is the type of hit job that looks to be professional, yet was immediately wrapped up and closed despite there being lots of questions surrounding the matter.  Nothing to see here.
If you are wanting to read more about the technology and prospects for the various vaccines currently under development, here are two articles I would recommend reading:

Nature: The Race for Coronavirus Vaccines

Please understand, all of the companies working on vaccines are profit-making ventures and have been given "sweeping" protection from liability under the PREP Act.  As a result, they have no incentive to spend time and resources on safety as their sole goal is to maximize profit.  This is precisely why the vaccines are moving along despite there being less than stellar results in the early testing phase.  As I have said on numerous occasions, billions of dollars are at stake as these companies hope to have an explosive immediate return on investment and then ongoing revenue by selling annual boosters as whatever immunity might be gained will be short-lived.

Final Thoughts
I realize that I've been all over the place with this installment as I wanted to address a number of different issues.  I would like to close by asking a couple of questions for you to consider.
  • Do you believe Bill Gates is an expert on pandemics?  I don't.  I believe he is heavily invested in patent-able technologies which he is hoping to put into play as a result of the outbreak.  He is not interested in any solution in which he does not have a financial interest.  He is spending millions a day in marketing propaganda (or "advocacy" as his foundation calls it).  Here is a test to see if he knows what he is talking about.  He recently warned that states which ease up on lock-downs will "go back into exponential growth" of COVID infections.  If that turns out to be correct, then perhaps he might know what he is talking about.  However, if it turns out he is wrong, then he should be ignored.  All of the models that he has been funding have provided the information that he wanted them to provide...and they have all been wrong.  Let's see if we see this exponential growth that Gates predicted.  One other interesting thing about Bill Gates that has developed during this crisis has been his mention of "digital immunity proof" for people wanting to travel or go back to work (or do anything else for that matter!).  What has some people worried is that Gates has proposed having similar type of proof be invisibly tattooed into the skin.  Does THIS not concern you?!?  Based upon his penchant for chemicals (Monsanto, GMOs, vaccines, artificial meat, etc.), Gates wants to pump chemicals into our bodies with no concern as to the long-term effects of the unnatural buildup, despite cancer being a likely result.
  • Why are we still allowing for models to dictate policy?  The models (no matter the area) are fundamentally flawed in that they are based upon assumptions which simply do not provide accurate predictions.  Instead, they appear to fit into those places where the evidence is not providing the desired put together a model with whatever assumptions need to be made and VOILA!  There is the hoped-for answer.  It's time for the models to stop being used as predictors of outcomes which cause a massive disruption to people's lives and livelihoods.  Do you know why we heard that asymptomatic carriers were infecting other people?  Because that's one of the assumptions that Gates' models were using to enforce a lock-down.
  • Are you taking Vitamin D supplements?  You should be.  Vitamin D is not only critical for a healthy immune system, but there are three studies showing that it can also improve the health of patients suffering from COVID (Philippines), while low Vitamin D levels are shown in COVID deaths (Indonesia) and severe COVID illness (LSU).  Why aren't we hearing about this?  Why is the media only talking about the expensive pharmaceutical options and a vaccine?
  • Are you going to get the COVID vaccine?  Most vaccines take 10-15 years to develop to ensure safety and efficacy, yet the COVID vaccine might be ready in six months.  Fauci's recent remarks regarding a vaccine are somewhat cryptic when he says he's not worried about the safety or scientific integrity, but instead is concerned with the "risk to the investment."  What is he talking about?  Consider this: why don't you get a SARS vaccine for the coronavirus that was spread worldwide in 2003?  Two reasons: (1) no safe vaccine was ever developed and (2) the virus just mysteriously disappeared in the summer and hasn't been seen since.  Is it possible that COVID will have a similarly abrupt ending?  Yet Bill Gates is arguing that we need to be vaccinated for COVID now and into the future (including it in the newborn inoculations as well) with annual boosters for a disease that will likely be extinct in less than a year.
  • Do you believe that pandemics are going to occur more frequently in the future?  Bill Gates has invested heavily in the pandemic concept.  I hope that I have been able to prove that in this series.  This article makes the following claims: (1) "Bill Gates saw the coronavirus coming."  (subheading); (2) "Gates had funded models that imagined precisely that scenario." (third paragraph); and (3) "Bill Gates saw this coming, and he tried to warn the world." (fourth paragraph).  And please do not forget Anthony Fauci's prediction: "There is no question...there will be a surprise outbreak" in the next four years (while Trump is president).  My question: Why have Gates and Fauci been so certain that there will be an infectious disease outbreak similar to what occurred with the Spanish Flu in 1918?  What factors exist today that warrant these dire predictions?  When the Spanish Flu happened in 1918 (in multiple waves), wasn't something like that more likely to occur in the 20s, 30s, and/or 40s?  Yet now the modeling "experts" say it's more likely than ever to happen now and more often in the future.  Again...why?  I am skeptical as I haven't yet heard a reasonable answer to this question other than "the experts knew this was coming."
  • Will COVID be an ongoing seasonal sickness like the flu?  COVID appears to not be seasonal as it has infected people all over the world in different climates and seasons.  As I pointed out in my last post, there appears to be a correlation with getting the flu shot and COVID deaths.  This idea is getting traction as other researchers have also noticed this as Europe has done a pretty good job of tracking flu vaccination rates by country which directly mirrors the death rate from COVID.  If this apparent correlation turns out to be causation, then we should expect the timing of COVID symptoms to be linked to when a flu shot has been administered.  If there will be a "second wave", look for it to come in the form of a vaccine.  Otherwise, where was it hiding if it disappears over the summer?
I have a few other questions, but will save those for the end as this post has gone way too long as it is.  As always, thank you for reading and do not be afraid to contact me with questions, concerns, criticisms, donations, and everything in between.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

COVID-19 Part 6: Gates vs. Kennedy

I consider this to be the most important installment of my COVID-19 series.  If you have been following along to this point, I implore you to read this all the way to the end.  It is quite long, but I believe it to be critical as I will be pulling a number of moving parts together to give perhaps the best glimpse of what is really going on "behind the curtain."  As always, the most important parts are at the end...just beyond the rainbow.  Welcome to Oz.  No...


"Standing in this corner, weighing in at 157 pounds, wearing the red-green-blue-yellow shorts, needing no introduction but known by many names . . . the Richest Man in the World . . . the Philanthropist . . . the Educator of New York. . . the Expert . . . Bill Gates!"

"And in the opposite corner, at 160 pounds, wearing the Irish green plaid shorts, the only public figure willing to enter the ring . . . the nephew of President John F. Kennedy . . . the son of Robert F. Kennedy . . . Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.!"

The Stakes: The Health of the World

The Issue: Vaccines

The Question: Are vaccines the solution to COVID?

Quick answer: No.

Expanded answer: Hell no!

If you are still reading and are willing to do the due diligence to determine whether my quick answer and crudely conveyed expanded answer are even remotely true, then I encourage you to read on.

Point #1: COVID appears to be no more dangerous than the flu and is on pace to kill fewer people this year than the flu did just two years ago;
Point #2: A coronavirus vaccine has never been safely brought to market; and
Point #3: The current crisis, as it exists, might actually be the result of a vaccine.

I believe I effectively communicated my arguments for Point #1 in the previous installments of this series.  I also believe that all of the recent studies being done have confirmed this point to be true.  With this Part Six, I will endeavor to provide evidence and sound arguments for why Points #2 and #3 are also true.  Let's talk about vaccines in general and then see if what we learn is specifically applicable to our current COVID crisis.  We have to go back to 1986 and brush up on some history.  But before we do that, I would like to pause to acknowledge some of my dear friends.

DEAR FRIENDS, some of you are doctors who I will love to my dying breath.  No matter what, I will love you and support you and respect you and honor you and be thankful that God put you in my life.  I also know that what I am about to say will hit you very close to home.  You will either strongly disagree with what I share or you will agree and not be able to say that you agree because it will mean professional suicide.  (I don't say this rhetorically, but to offer an olive branch and encourage you to contact me privately about anything and everything, but only if you feel that you must...either because I am missing something that is very important or because you are living with something that has you so jumbled up you don't know what to do or for some other reason I don't even know how to describe...If you know me and know who I am and know what I do, you know you can trust me.)  All that to say, this is a very sensitive topic...especially for doctors.  I just want my doctor friends to know that I understand (and I absolutely WILL NOT judge them for whatever response they take).

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, let's take a walk down memory lane.  It's a painful one, but I believe it will be enlightening.

1986: At the behest of Merck and Pfizer, the U.S. government passed the Vaccine Act.  Two of the most profitable drug companies in our country were having trouble breaking even because they were facing insurmountable liability claims due to their vaccines hurting (and killing) so many American children.  In order for them to stay in business (i.e. return healthy profits to their wealthy shareholders), they needed judicial immunity...something that arguably should never be extended to a profit-seeking industry...AND THEY GOT IT.  (Important note: the pharmaceutical industry is not just profit-seeking, it is incredibly profitable and also happens to be the industry which pays more to lobbyists and U.S. lawmakers than any other, having paid out almost $300 Million last year to affect government policy...almost twice as much as the second place industry!)

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 was passed which allowed for drug companies to make vaccines and never EVER be liable for injuries sustained as a result of their vaccines.

Here is the wording of the statute (42 U.S. §300aa-22(b)(1)):
"No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death associated with the administration of a vaccine after October 1, 1988, if the injury or death resulted from side effects that were unavoidable even though the vaccine was properly prepared and was accompanied by proper directions and warnings."
As a lawyer and parent who cares about justice and the health and well-being of my children, this law simply does not compute.  How can a profit-driven company be allowed to sell a product and have absolutely no repercussions as a result of such a sale if it is proven to be harmful?!?  This is the current climate of the pharmaceutical companies.  Actually, let me take that back.  That's not really the case.  IT'S EVEN WORSE.  It is MANDATORY to buy and inject many of these products into our bodies and when they harm us or our children, the company has blanket immunity, while we have absolutely NO RIGHT to go after the companies to be compensated for the harms that occur.

The government's solution was to set up a fund with taxpayer dollars (from an additional tax on the sale of vaccines) to award those injured by vaccines if a successful petition is made to the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program ("Vaccine Court").  Of the injuries that are ultimately reported to the Vaccine Court, approximately 30% of those have been awarded damages (through 2016).  The total compensation paid out by the Vaccine Court in its 30 year existence has exceeded $4 Billion.  (Please note that autism is not even allowed to petition as it is not considered to be an injury, but instead a genetic disorder and not a condition resulting from a vaccination.)

The statistics tell us a number of things which can be summarized as follows:
  1. Vaccine injuries are rare;
  2. Vaccine injuries do occur;
  3. Vaccine deaths also occur; and
  4. Pharmaceutical companies make approximately $50 Billion a year on vaccines alone.
Other pieces of the puzzle:
  1. Vaccines have never been tested for carcinogens or fertility impairments (this information can be found in the disclaimer insert (see top of page 6 for Merck's MMR vaccine) which is provided to the patient) nor for any other long-term effect;
  2. The Hepatitis B vaccine is mandatory for newborn babies in 43 of the 50 U.S. states and uses an aluminum (toxic!) adjuvant to initiate the required immune reaction.  Hepatitis B is a disease that can only be contracted through unsafe sex or by the sharing of hypodermic needles with an infected person or if born to an infected mom.  Yet all babies are given three doses before reaching their second birthday.  The immunity wears off after 10-15 years, about the time that one would become sexually active.  If the birthing mom does not have it, please someone explain to me what is the logic of administering this vaccine?; and
  3. Ongoing studies show that there is no substantial benefit to getting the flu vaccine, yet most doctors recommend that their patients get one despite severe injuries (even death) sometimes resulting.
The Race to the Money

At this very moment, over 100 vaccines are being developed to fight COVID using completely different technologies.  Bill Gates is behind a large number of these as he is trying to sell the world on the idea that (1) every living person MUST be vaccinated for COVID and (2) every child born from now until the end of time should also be vaccinated.  The race is on for this incredible market with ongoing intellectual property (patent) rights that would be worth hundreds of billions (maybe even trillions!) of dollars.  As I showed in Part 4: Plandemic?, Bill Gates is behind every part of the COVID response.  For the last two months, Bill and his wife Melinda have been on an all-out media blitz, daily appearing on a number of shows marketing their solution to the problem (i.e., everyone in the world needs a vaccine to save them from the deadly virus before things can go back to normal).  If you have seen some of these interviews, surely you can see what is going on judging from the questions that are being asked and Gates' answers.  Gates continues to foment fear, argue for continued lock-down, and is never once challenged with any actual scientific data by any of the reporters that are supposedly interviewing him.  Why might that be?  Perhaps because Gates is paying to promote his product and is the one in charge of these interviews which are nothing more than commercial spots in what has to be one of the most deceptive marketing campaigns ever conceived (Don Draper would be horrified!).  If you get a chance to watch (another) one of these, listen carefully to what he says and what he doesn't say.  And notice how he is never questioned about any of the controversial things I have been writing about in this COVID series.  Open your eyes (and ears) and see the truth that this is how the media makes its money...and how Bill Gates is not the nice old man he wants you to think he is.

The Race to the Vaccine

There is a race and it could get deadly.  (In fact, a COVID researcher at University of Pittsburgh was just killed under mysterious circumstances just one month after the university announced it had a potential vaccine ready to be tested.)  I predict that there will be others like this.  Trillions of dollars are at stake.  The obvious race is the one being run as the competing biotech companies work against each other to come up with a working vaccine.  (I define a "working vaccine" as one that is brought to market and declared to be ready to go by whoever it is that gets to say that...which I think is the FDA with a little help from the CDC.  Whether it is safe or even effective is a different story.)  Bill Gates, in partnership with Anthony Fauci, began work on their initial Moderna vaccine on January 13, two months before COVID was even declared to be a pandemic (March 11).  Please let that sink in.  Gates and Fauci were moving on this way before we even knew that a person named Anthony Fauci existed.  (If you had never heard of Bill Gates until now...well, God bless you!)  In legal terms (which is the one thing in this whole blog series I really know anything about), we would call this a conflict of interest.  When a lawyer has a conflict of interest, it either has to be clearly reported to all parties with all parties consenting to the arrangement, or the lawyer cannot be involved in the matter.  Every single time Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci open their mouths regarding COVID and/or a vaccine, they have a conflict of interest with you that you never even knew about (just look at all of the patents that Bill Gates is involved in right now...many of them quite scary).  In fact, they are doing everything they can to hide this from you.  If they were lawyers, they would be disbarred.  They have money invested in how this crisis plays out.  Let me rephrase that, they have A LOT of money in how this plays out.  I hope that is obvious.  I will talk more about the Moderna (Gates/Fauci) vaccine shortly.

The Race to Immunity

At the same time as the race to the vaccine, there is also the other not-so-obvious race going on which is why Gates is on TV and radio every day hoping to keep people "safe" in their homes by social distancing and that is the race for immunity.  The more people who are infected with the COVID virus have the coveted antibodies that make them immune to the very disease Gates wants to save them from.  Gates views this immunity as a valuable commodity that he wants to force you to buy from him.  Yet you can obtain it quite easily, by going about your daily business and living the life you like to live.  By getting infected, you will have a more natural immunity.  You didn't have to pay a single cent for it, and no one can take it away from you.  For most of you, you won't even get sick in the process.  You will just be one of many asymptomatic positives who can forever laugh in the face of COVID-19 knowing that while the whole world came to a stop for this measly virus, your immune system didn't even bat an eye.  In fact, a good portion of you are already immune to COVID because you got the virus (even while safely tucked away at home) and that ever-present, always-working immune system of yours took care of it without you even knowing it.

Every time you heard something from the news or a friend that made you fearful, it was a distraction from the very way that you were created...with an immune system...that protects you...that has always protected you to this very moment as you read these words.  I am not a scientist, yet please listen as I tell you the most important science thing you need to hear right now: You have an immune system that is stronger than COVID.  I believe that to be true.  With the exception of those of you in the midst of fighting cancer (or are immunocompromised for any other reason), the numbers are heavily in your favor, that anyone reading this silly blog should have the utmost confidence to take this virus on knowing that the immune system that God gave you will completely crush COVID like every other coronavirus that has come along in your life.  (Trust me, there have been many....and this one is not all that special.  All the ones before were just a "cold.")

If most of the world is immune before the vaccine is ready to be administered, then there really shouldn't be a need for it, right?  How can there be a mandate?  What would be the sense of forcing those who are immune to be vaccinated?  Every day that passes, more people around the world are getting these powerful antibodies, obtaining immunity, exactly as our bodies were designed to operate.  Our immune system is always working...always making us immune to zillions of things we have no idea are attacking our bodies at every moment, with every breath, of every day that we live.  Thus, the expression: "what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger."  Friends, the expression is true.  Truer than anything you will hear on TV or from WebMD.  While we are ignorant of the brilliance of our biology, those who wish to deceive us know this truth.  Their counterattack is the slight twist (no, turn) to the COVID narrative that we now hear from Gates and his media friends to keep the fear flowing and drive demand for a vaccine that is not needed.

As the Narrative Turns

"The second wave will be worse."

Why?  What could possibly be the reason for why the second wave is worse?  This whole "second wave" nonsense is borrowed from the Spanish Flu epidemic which occurred over 100 years ago when lots of people got sick (and died) in the spring of 1918 and then even more people got sick (and died) in the fall.  The Spanish Flu has been a very important topic of Bill Gates as he has continually promoted the idea of a coming pandemic while the current COVID crisis has him in a cataclysmic euphoria.  Despite over a 100 years of progress and technology, Gates, along with our government officials who seem to believe he is the new science and education czar (no doubt in part to the generous donation he made to their favorite bank account), are proposing that we implement exactly the same measures that were implemented in 1918.  Allow me to mention just a few other things that occurred in that tell-tale year: (1) aspirin was administered at horrifying levels which exacerbated the situation, and (2) vaccines were given to soldiers before heading off to war and then administered to the civilian public at large to combat the first wave of the flu, but to no effect as they were targeting bacterial infections when the flu was a virus.  What I find interesting though is that the severe symptoms of the Spanish Flu over 100 years ago look identical to those of SARS in 2003 (a coronavirus) and this year's COVID-19 (also a coronavirus) as all three have been described as "cytokine storms" -- an over-reactive immune response from the body which damages the vital organs.

"Having COVID does not make you immune."

The WHO is now saying there is no evidence that having COVID makes you immune to the disease as you may have previously received a false positive test (meaning you don't really have the protective antibodies) or due to the virus mutating to a form that your antibodies would not recognize.  This would be the other reason for getting a vaccine, though it's not clear why a vaccine would work to provide the antibodies to a mutated form while the body's natural immune response would not do the same.  For most illnesses, natural immunity is superior to that obtained through vaccination as the immune response is stronger and more heterologous, meaning that it can identify more similar types of sickness (i.e., different strains/mutations) thereby providing a broader base of protection.  There is a fascinating study which suggests that many of us have already had a coronavirus (a "cold") that gave us the necessary antibodies making us immune to this coronavirus (COVID-19).  This is also the reason why the annual flu shot is so often worthless as it protects against different strains of flu than the strain that eventually gets passed around in the winter months.

"We must make this the decade of vaccines." -Bill Gates, 2010

Ever since Bill Gates made that declaration, he (along with ten billion of his dollars) in conjunction with the WHO have implemented a fairly extensive vaccination program around the globe to achieve Gates' vision.  And now with COVID, Gates' dream can come true as he wants every person in the world to be vaccinated.  As I emphatically stated at the beginning of this post, I do not believe that is the answer.  Allow me to expand on my reasoning as we flesh out the points summarized above.

Point #1: COVID is not the deadly killer we have been told
Please see my previous installments as they provide plenty of evidence showing this statement to be true.  If COVID is not deadly, then a mandatory vaccine is completely unjustified.

Point #2: Coronavirus vaccines have never been safe
Coronavirus vaccines have never passed the safety tests (acceptable risk/benefit) as there have been "unintended effects" in the immune reaction in the animal trials that have been run.  What is especially interesting is the animals had no problem taking the vaccine and gaining the neutralizing antibodies, BUT when exposed to the live virus suffered from a severe immune response with "ALL [ANIMALS] EXHIBITING HISTOPATHOLOGIC CHANGES IN LUNGS."  (Sounds familiar, does it not?  A cytokine storm, perhaps?  See how Dr. Peter Hotez describes this problem.)  This is perhaps the second biggest piece of the puzzle...the biggest is just around the corner in Point #3!

An alternative technology to the RNA-type vaccines mentioned in the previous paragraph is a DNA (or mRNA) vaccine such as the one that Gates and Fauci have invested in at Moderna.  This technology is the stuff of science fiction, as it involves altering a human's genetic code by (re)programming the body to create the necessary antibodies to protect against a foreign pathogen.  Even if this were to work, there is absolutely no telling what the long-term effects of such a vaccine would be as the human genome would be forever changed.  Moderna, a company which has never made a vaccine before, has fast-tracked things by skipping animals trials, normally an important step in determining the safety and effectiveness of a vaccine.  Dr. Hotez was even surprised.  This seems to be a rather bold move when considering the uncharted waters of this technology.

Point #3: Is COVID a problem because of a vaccine?
Everyone believes that COVID came from China (in particular, Wuhan).  That very well may be true.  I honestly have no idea.  As I have researched how this crisis developed while being skeptical of what we have heard from the government and the media, I have uncovered something surprising.  Based upon a couple of early articles that I read that were trying to make sense of why COVID was affecting other places more than others...with drastically different outcomes from one person to the other, I was trying to find the missing link...the common denominator that would tie all of the confusing aspects of this illness together into a nice, tight package.  I have a theory.

What does New York City have in common with northern Italy, nursing homes, Spain, people over 70, healthcare workers, and all of the other at-risk factors/hotspots that have been the focal points of this pandemic?  Why have some places been almost completely unaffected?  What is that one thing...the unifying theory that will unlock the final piece of the puzzle?  Here is my answer: the Flu Shot.

Yes, you heard me correctly.  I am pointing my finger at the flu vaccine and blaming it for the worldwide COVID crisis.  Mind you, this is nothing more than a theory.  I had a hunch.  I followed up on it only to find out that there was support for this crazy notion.  (If you have read my previous posts, you know that I am always challenging myself to not be swayed by the siren song that is confirmation bias.  It is entirely possible that I have stumbled into that trap, which I will explore in greater depth in Part 7.)  My hope is that if you have hung with me this far you will read on to the (not-so) bitter end as I now present my evidence to support this theory.

Here is what I know to be true:
  1. THIS YEAR Italy provided a completely "novel" flu shot for free to all of its citizens over 65.  "In September 2019 was made available for the first time in Italy a "cell-based" flu shot, called VIQCC or QIVc, that is produced from cultured animal cells rather than eggs.  VIQCC is a quadrivalent flu vaccine that contains 2 type A viruses (H1N1 and H3N2) and 2 type B viruses.";
  2. Here in the U.S., the 2017 flu vaccine was shown to increase the risk of other respiratory viruses especially when associated with a coronavirus (!!!!).  I'll come back to this again as I see this being critical;
  3. When you overlay the map of countries more likely to be taking flu vaccinations with those with the most COVID deaths...there is definitely a correlation.  Poland is the poster child here as very few Polish citizens get a flu vaccine...and COVID has been virtually NON-EXISTENT there (Greece is similar...unfortunately, these data points are limited to Europe as that seems to be the only place that provides these numbers online);
  4. The U.S. soldiers received vaccines before going overseas to fight in the first world war and many of them became sick with the Spanish Flu which is eerily similar to what was observed by the animal trials when a live coronavirus interacts with a vaccinated subject (an enhanced immune response or cytokine storm).  Furthermore, stateside civilians began taking vaccines as the sick soldiers came back from Europe only to get hit with the second wave which was even more devastating.  There appears to be a correlation between the severity of the Spanish Flu outbreaks and the vaccines that were administered in 1918;
  5. MY OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE (no matter how anecdotal, it is what I witnessed with my very own eyes): My immediate family consists of my wife and me (both in our 40s) and our 4 children ranging in age from 11 to 21.  Out of the 6 of us, 4 of us got sick in February and March with 3 of those 4 getting sick in an abnormal fashion (as I was fortunate to have only very mild symptoms).  One of us got really sick and was diagnosed with pneumonia which also happened to be the only one of us who received a flu shot this year; and
  6. In talking with others, numerous people have told me about getting sick recently with a strange tightness in their chests and lungs leading them to believe that they themselves had COVID (though never receiving a positive test).  Many of these people were in the healthcare industry (doctors, dentists, nurses, etc.) that made me suspect that they too received a flu shot this year (AGHHH! Not sufficient proof as I never asked at the time because I wasn't thinking along those lines, but now looking back it is definitely triggering that darn confirmation bias!).  Perhaps I will have the opportunity to talk to these people again before this series ends to see if there is any further insight that can be gleaned (though still, anecdotal at best).
Putting it All Together
I rest my case knowing it's hardly conclusive.  Yet, I expect what I have just shared is a lot more substantial than anything you have heard from Anderson Cooper and the Fauci/Birx tag team.  I don't expect for this "evidence" to be sufficient to sway anyone who has already made up their mind as to what is going on.  However, if this rings true to you, it's either because it aligns with your own personal experience no matter how anecdotal that experience might be (that darn confirmation bias) or because you honestly don't know but are searching for the truth and some of what I have shared makes more sense than anything else you have heard to this point.  I can assure you that I have not succumbed to a single conspiracy theory as all of the information I have provided is completely supported by respectable scientific sources.  The most critical pieces are that (1) the COVID symptoms that are killing people are an enhanced immune response (which have been associated with getting a vaccine), and (2) recent flu shots have been shown to increase the risk of also getting a coronavirus (such as COVID).

You know how I feel about COVID.  It's no more dangerous than going on vacation.  (I had no idea how many people get killed while on vacation, with most of those coming from car accidents.  What a bummer!)  But, there are definitely people who I believe should take additional precautions with this disease.  I do caution those of you who have received this year's flu shot, as it might make you more vulnerable.  But even then, I'm not sure how to proceed in a cautious fashion as New York is now finding out that staying at home is not preventing people from getting infected.  Fortunately for those New Yorkers, they have at least turned to Bill Gates to figure out how best to educate their kids.  (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)  Oh yeah...Bill Gates...

The Match: Gates vs. Kennedy
So this installment began as a fight between Bill Gates and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  Bill Gates believes that there is only one solution to COVID and that is that everyone in the world must be vaccinated (and maybe some other things which I may or may not get into in the next segment of this series).  Robert Kennedy is the lone public figure to push back on this idea by encouraging people to do their own research (just as I have done) and be informed that there is a risk in taking a vaccine (especially one that is being rushed through the development process, potentially sacrificing safety along the way).  I personally am not in a position to take a hard stance in either direction but I will readily admit to believing that the science behind vaccines has been tainted by corporate interests.

I would like to echo Kennedy's stance on vaccines, as he says that he has absolutely no problem with them as long as they are:
  1. safe;
  2. effective; and
  3. never mandatory.
That seems reasonable to me.  Frankly, I believe that everything that Bill Gates is doing right now is morally repugnant (just look at his patents).  I am looking for people who are willing to oppose him.  Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is fighting him on a number of different fronts and as a result, has earned my respect.  RFKjr also believes strongly (as do many others) that the rampant autism in our country is the result of vaccine injuries.  I find his arguments compelling, but that is not the subject of this blog as I want to focus solely on the COVID issue and whether a vaccine is needed to save humanity or whether instead it was the flu vaccine that got us into this problem in the first place.